Aristotle is the global leader in providing technology to political campaigns and organizations, offering a seamless solution for campaign software, voter data, PAC and grassroots software and services.

Since 1983, every U.S. president—from Reagan through Obama—has used Aristotle’s solution, in addition to countless senatorial and congressional campaigns, Democratic and Republican state party initiatives and many of the largest PAC and grassroots organizations.


  • John Aristotle Phillips
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dean Aristotle Phillips

  • Buck N. Stoll
    President, Sales

  • Matthew Armandi
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Mathew W. Packer
    Chief Operating Officer, Integrity

  • Rob Christ
    Executive Vice President, Professional Services, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Brandi Travis
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Walter Howard
    Senior Vice President, Technology

  • Rajesh Chilambi
    Vice President, Software Development

  • J. Blair Richardson, Jr.
    General Counsel

  • David M. Mason
    Senior Vice President, Compliance Services

  • Andreas Katsouris
    Senior Vice President, Global Services

  • Michael Bolcerek
    Senior Vice President, Business Development – Integrity

  • Katie Anderson
    Senior Vice President, Consulting

  • Andrew Tavani
    Vice President, National Sales

  • Valerie Finneran
    Director, Human Resources & Administration

  • Jeff Ashe
    Senior Vice President, PAC and Grassroots Development